King's College Warrnambool


The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program at King's College allows students in Year 7-12 to bring their preferred device for use at school. This enables teachers to implement the use of technology in the classroom to enhance personalised learning programs, while increasing collaboration and feedback opportunities.

Students can choose from the following devices:

Device Specifications

Apple Laptop

PC Laptop




The College will provide access to the required software for students, including Microsoft Office. Families will not be charged extra for this.


Students should make regular backups of their work.  The College will provide unlimited cloud storage with Google Drive.

Purchase Process

You are free to source your device from your preferred supplier, however, we recommend Grangeburn Office and IT.  Families can log on to the Grangeburn website to receive:

To purchase a device though Grangeburn Office and IT, please visit our website the Grangeburn website and use the code Kingcol2017 when prompted.

For details on how to place your order through Grangeburn Office and IT please refer to this document.