King's College Warrnambool

Nature Play

With the help of the PTFA, King’s College has developed the Junior School playground to incorporate a new nature play space.

Why Nature Play?

Nature play provides opportunities for students to play and learn by engaging with natural elements and materials such as rock, wood, sand and water. Nature play is both adventurous and educational. Students are able to run, climb and explore as well as actively think, problem solve and manage risks.

Read more about the project’s vision and purpose here.

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Stage One

Stage One includes the following and is due for completion this year:

Read more about the stage one here.

Get involved

We would love to complete stage one this year and commence stage two next year, but we need your help.

There are several ways of playing an active part in this project:

Thank you for partnering with us. Together we can transform the Junior School playground and make a lasting impact on the education of current and future students.