Strategy 2022

Strategy 2022 is our plan for achieving the College vision, mission and purpose for the five year period 2018 to 2022. In developing this plan, we have considered current research and best practices when developing educational directions for the next five years. It is our intention that this plan will assist the College in best meeting the needs of the current generation of students and assist them in preparing for multiple pathway options in a global marketplace.

This strategy details contemporary education trends and expectations with a focus on meeting the individual needs of each student. This plan outlines the need to understand how learning best occurs, how Christian worldview impacts learning both within and outside the classroom and how to develop teaching staff to be the best educators they can be. The plan also considers how we can continue to best equip people to know Christ, know their purpose and live fulfilling lives. As we do this, we want to embed a focus on mission and service into our curriculum and culture, providing students with opportunities to use their gifts and talents to serve communities, cities and nations.

Download a copy of Strategy 2022 here.

Our Vision

Every student achieves their potential through Christian education.

Our Mission

King’s College provides a caring Christian education to effectively prepare confident young people as lifelong learners equipped to know and serve God in a changing world.

Our Purpose

To support personal growth and positive transformation through the power of Christ-centred learning.

Our Values

Strategic Pillars

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