Early Learning

King's College provides exceptional early learning programs for children in three and four-year-old kindergarten. Students happily play, create and learn in our Early Learning Centre where we encourage friendship, expression and creativity.

Our Early Learning Centre aims to be a place where children experience a sense of belonging while they are young. We encourage the excitement and challenge of becoming a successful learner.

We invite you and your child to visit and experience our Early Learning Centre. Our caring atmosphere provides the best start for your child's education.

Our Philosophy

King’s College Early Learning Centre aims to be a place where young children and their families experience a sense of belonging. This includes belonging to family, belonging to community and belonging to God.

We aim to create an environment where children can make friends, learn about themselves and contribute to one another under the guidance of our caring and professional staff.

Our Team

Our educators are highly trained, experienced, and passionate about early childhood education.

Our team includes educators who possess qualifications and experience in teaching Chinese language and music. Early exposure to high-quality music and language experiences can greatly benefit children, enhancing their cognitive development and fostering cultural understanding.

Our team also includes educators with primary teaching experience who can provide valuable insights into the skills and knowledge necessary for a successful transition to primary education. Their expertise ensures a smooth and seamless transition to school.

We value the professional development of our educators, as we believe that creating a culture of lifelong learning benefits educators and also has a positive impact on the children in our care. We are dedicated to staying up to date with the latest research, practices, and pedagogies in early childhood education.

To further enhance our knowledge and skills, we annually partner with Allied Health at South West Health Care for professional development. This collaboration enables us to remain informed about the latest advancements in allied health practices and how they can be integrated into early childhood education. This partnership highlights a commitment to providing the best possible Kindergarten experience for all of the children in our care.

Three-Year-Old Kindergarten

The Three-Year-Old Kindergarten program at King’s College provides an opportunity for children to continue becoming who God has planned them to be.

Children grow in independence as they discover new interests and develop their social and emotional capabilities. For many children, it is their first experience of belonging outside of the family home.

At Three-Year-Old Kindergarten we celebrate what it means to be a three-year-old and acknowledge the deep and complex learning that is taking place in their lives every day.

Children must be three years old before 30th April in the year of enrolment to attend.

Four-Year-Old Kindergarten

Our four-year-old Kindergarten program provides children with greater opportunities to work collaboratively in small groups and develop social and play skills that lead to independent problem solving.

A greater emphasis on developingself-help, initiative, creativity, and self-regulation is placed on children as they prepare for school entry. The program introduces an Early Years focused literacy program, which strengthens children’s letter recognition, phonic knowledge, fine motor pencil grip and letter writing skills.

Children enjoy rich literacy and Arts experiences such as drama, storytelling, singing, music, painting, creating, and constructing as part of the four-year-old program. Children also enjoy exploring Science and Mathematics through hands on activities, projects and games.

Developing a sense of curiosity and inquiry is encouraged, alongside learning skills such as counting, measuring, estimating, classifying and sorting. Children are always supported at their level of understanding and extended to experience challenge and develop new ideas.

School Transition

Transition to school commences in Term 3 for four-year-old Kindergarten children, with a range of classroom and school-based activities with our Junior School teachers and students. These activities are designed to support children’s smooth transition to school through fun and engaging experiences.

Gym, Library and Music classroom sessions as well as tours of the College, visits to the school playground, and Assembly participation help our Kindergarten children to become familiar with the environment and people of King's College as they transition to Prep.

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